Levin Capital Strategies is a long-only and alternative investment manager with approximately $7.5 billion of AUM at June 30, 2018. The firm, which was founded by John A. Levin in 2005, is New York based and has 35 employees including 16 investment professionals with an average of 26 years in the industry. 

Consistent across our various strategies, we perform bottom-up, fundamental research with the goal of preserving capital and generating profit consistently through all market environments.  This approach has enabled us to produce a long-term track record of superior risk-adjusted performance.  We believe our investment philosophy provides a consistent and repeatable investment process focused on identifying quality investments in liquid securities which we believe have excellent potential versus the risk. 
Our integrated research team of sector specialists focuses on identifying companies that possess below average risk profiles and companies with identifiable catalysts that should drive share price appreciation.  Our tenured investment professionals are responsible for developing their own expectations on their industries and companies and contrasting them to views of others.